At Bible Based Counseling Services, I meet with individuals, couples and families that live within about twenty miles from Kemah , Texas.



I provide counseling to anyone that desires counseling based on a biblical perspective. My goal is to get to the root of your problem and not just address the symptom. I am experienced in marriage counseling and pre-marital counseling. I meet with couples that are struggling in their marriages due to unloving thoughts, words and actions towards their spouse. These include, anger, addictions, mis-management of money and other besetting issues. I meet with individuals that struggle with depression, guilt and other ungodly expressions. I meet with youth and their parents with misbehavior issues. I am available to my counselees for emergency mediation if needed. Some of the counseling sessions that I present are; What we can and cannot control, Two basic choices in life, Four types of human behavior, Self esteem & self image, Biblical Framework and others. I am spiritually gifted and academically trained to counsel anyone who desires Bible based counseling. Contact me and I will be happy to meet with you

bolivarpoint3 newAfamilybeachWHAT TO EXPECT?

Sessions are for approximately one hour in duration. Usually, ten consecutive weekly sessions are recommended. Expect an interactive discussion. Homework is given and Church attendance is required. Be sure to bring your Bible.


Biblical Counseling uses the Bible as its only authority to help mankind deal with non-physical problems in life. The Bible labels the non-physical area of mankind as "the heart of man". This area of mankind is non-physical and includes your conscience, some emotions and some of your dreams. I adhere to Biblical Framework Counseling which is a method of Biblical counseling that I was taught at the College of Biblical Studies. I am confident the Word of God is sufficient and has all of the information needed for mankind to be free of unloving expressions towards God and others.


• College of Biblical Studies – Bachelor of Science In Biblical Counseling
• Biblical Counselors Framework Association – Adjunct Member

$0 - $50.00 per session on a sliding scale. Payment is due at the time of the counseling session by cash or check. Please contact us for more information.